WHO: fredflare.com’s HOLIDAY POP-UP SHOP at Chelsea Market!
WHAT: We’re celebrating our 3nd annual Chelsea Market Pop-Up shop with a dazzling display of holiday cheer!
's a One-Stop-Shop for all your Holiday Gifting! Great gifts for Moms, Dads, Co-Workers, Teens, Tweens and More!
From Spectacular Splurges to Stellar Stocking Stuffers, there’s something for everyone. Including
    > Nice Jewish Guys 2013 Calendar: $14
    > Where I’ve Been Scratch Map Travel Edition: $20
    > Giant Gummy Bear On A Stick: $10
    > Scrabble Refrigerator Magnet: $15
    > Tea Duckie: $12
    > Tea Sub: $14
    > Vosges Mo’s Bacon Bar: $9
    > Inflatable Turkey: $14
    > Ice Cream Lamp: $50
    > Crosley USB Spinnerette Turntable: $139.95
WHEN: 12/13-12/23, Mon-Sat 10:30-7, Sun 10:30-6
WHERE: Jingle at Chelsea Market, 75 9th Avenue (Between 15th &16th Streets), New York, NY 10011

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    Oh I am so going to this to finish my shoppin’.
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    This looks EFFING AMAZING!
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    This is literally right above my office.
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    My red zebra scarf that I get a thousand compliments on is from Fred Flare!
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    I WANNA GO ):
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